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The Wall Street Journal, 2/27/2019: U.S. Cannabis Law is Helping Canada Make Hay

The GrowthOp, 2/5/2019: Why Haven’t Canada’s Big Banks Been Working More with Cannabis Companies?

The Wall Street Journal, 1/25/2019: Weed Versus Greed on Wall Street

The Guardian, 1/23/2019: CBS Refuses to Run Super Bowl Ad for Medical Marijuana

MJBizDaily, 1/22/2019: Cannabis M&A Spikes in US, Overseas as Firms Look Beyond Canada for Growth

TheStreet, 1/3/2019: A Look at What’s Ahead for the Cannabis Industry in 2019

Forbes, 12/30/18: Cannabis Companies Expect Big Growth After Trump Legalizes Hemp

Fortune, 12/20/18: Cannabis Investments Nearly Quadrupled in 2018

Newsday, 12/7/18: Cannabis Businesses Pitch to Investors at Local Capital Forum

Nature, 10/17/18: What Legal Weed in Canada Means for Science

TheStreet, 10/3/18: Cannabis Shorts: Is There Enough Liquidity?

CNBC, 9/25/18: Meet the Banks That Are Leading the Flourishing Deal Market for Pot Stocks

CNBC, 9/24/18: Trader Reveals the 3 Things You Should Watch for in a Pot IPO

MJBizDaily, 8/17/18: Breaking Down the Big Deal Behind Constellation’s Bet on Cannabis and Wall Street’s Involvement

MJBizDaily, 7/31/18: Big Hits: Cannabis Companies on Pace to Raise Record $8 Billion in 2018

MarketWatch, 7/19/18: Tilray IPO is ‘Validation’ for Pot Companies, CEO Says

MJBizDaily, 7/16/18: Canadian Marijuana Companies Raise Record Cash Ahead of Legalization

MarketWatch, 7/15/18: Tilray IPO: Five Things to Know About the First Pot Company to Go Public on Nasdaq

MJBizDaily, 7/11/18: Marijuana M&A Activity Spikes as Some Cannabis Pioneers Cash Out

TheStreet, 7/9/18: Canopy Growth Leads Cannabis Debt Bonanza

MJBizDaily, 5/31/18: Five Reasons Why Lighting Giant Osram’s Acquisition of Fluence is a Big Deal for Cannabis

TheStreet, 5/18/18: Canada’s Biggest IPO Signals the Dawn of Its Cannabis Drive

Benzinga, 5/3/18: Why Cannabis Investors Are Eyeing South America

Entrepreneur, 4/20/18: Where to Find Funding for a Cannabis Business

Financial Times, 4/1/18: Wall Street Experiments with Marijuana Investments

Entrepreneur, 3/28/18: Investing in Marijuana Businesses: Are Hedge Funds Coming to the Cannabis Industry?

Entrepreneur, 3/21/18: What Better Conditions to Raise Money for Cannabis Businesses Means for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

MSN Money, 3/12/18: Investing in Marijuana: Cannabis Industry Gets $2 Billion in 60 Days

Forbes, 2/28/18: Spreading Legalization and Investor Appetite Could Ignite Cannabis M&A

MJ Biz Daily, 2/26/18: Chart of the Week: Canada Fueling Explosive Growth in Global Marijuana Industry Funding

MJ Biz Daily, 2/23/18: Viridian: Investment Money Pouring into Cannabis Industry

Complex, 2/18/18: The Cannabis Industry Made $1.2 Billion in January

Financial Post, 12/12/17: Canadian Cannabis Companies on $2-Billion Fundraising Spree as Legalization Looms

Calgary Herald, 11/30/17: Cannabis Mergers and Acquisitions More Than Double as Aurora Buys Rivals with Investor Windfall

Agri Investor, 11/1/17: The Highs and Lows of Cannabis Liberalization

High Times, 10/17/17: Picking The Brains Of Leading Female Cannabis Execs

Benzinga, 10/16/17: Investing In Marijuana: Cannabis Industry Raises Hit $1.8 Billion, Up 150% Year Over Year

MJ Biz Daily, 9/19/17: Canadian Marijuana Firms Raised $165.9M via Debt Instruments This Year – and That’s Just the Start

MarketWatch, 8/31/17: An Exclusive Look Inside a Weed-Delivery Startup with Billion-Dollar Dreams

Bloomberg Businessweek, 8/23/17: Russian Bank Pioneers Find a New Kick: Marijuana

WealthManagement, 8/1/17: An Advisor’s Guide to the Cannabis Industry

MJ Biz Daily, 8/1/17: $770 Million Windfall: Canadian Marijuana Companies See Surge in New Investments

Benzinga, 7/18/17: iAnthus Enters The New York Cannabis Market; Does The $17.3 Million Acquisition Make Sense?

Cannabis Industry Journal, 6/20/17: Cannabis M&A: Practice Pointers and Pitfalls When Buying or Selling a Cannabis Business

Forbes, 6/7/17: Canadians Bogart Cannabis Deals in America

Bloomberg, 6/5/17: California Localities Primed for Legal Recreational Cannabis Use

Greenwich Time, 6/2/17: Panel: Medical Marijuana Lights up Investment Opportunities

Bloomberg, 6/1/17: Trump Casts Cloud Over Cannabis, But Money Keeps Pouring In

S&P Global Market Intelligence, 5/24/17: Cannabis I-Banker Says Skilled Management Will Revolutionize ‘Cottage Industry’

Leafly, 5/8/17: ‘This Trail Was Blazed by Patients’: An Interview With Cannabis Advocate Montel Williams

Benzinga, 5/8/17: Cannabis Industry Has Already Raised Over $730 Million in 2017

The Wall Street Journal, 5/2/17: Capital for Buying, Upgrading Legal Marijuana Business Property Increases

Palm Beach Post, 4/28/17: Despite Legal Uncertainty, Weed is “Great Unfolding Market,” Cannabis Expert Says

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 4/20/17: Legal Weed Growing into Big Business

Playboy, 4/20/17: A Complete Guide To Organic Cannabis

MarketWatch, 4/20/17: 2 New Ways To Invest In Marijuana Stocks: Cannabis ETFs

MediaPost, 4/20/17: Is This Marijuana’s Branding Breakout Year?

Blunt Network, 4/19/17: Canada and Cannabis Legalization: The View from a Cannabis-centric Investment Firm

Forbes, 4/12/17: Flowhub Closes Oversubscribed $3.25 Million Offering As Money Keeps Flowing Into Cannabis

U.S. News & World Report, 4/11/17: The Holy Land of Medical Marijuana

Entrepreneur, 3/27/17: 5 Routes the Cannabis Industry Could Take to Get Around Federal Banking Restrictions

Liv Consulting, 3/23/17: How Diverse is the Cannabis Industry?

The Economist, 3/18/17: Weed killer? America’s Pot Industry Shrugs off Donald Trump’s Harder Line on Drugs

MJ Biz Daily, 3/15/17: An Industry in Flux: Cannabis Mergers, Acquisitions on the Rise

Leafly, 3/13/17: How Much Tax Revenue Do Legal Cannabis Sales Generate?

USA Today, 3/9/17: Trump Sends Mixed Message on Marijuana, but Pot Industry Pushes Ahead

Benzinga, 2/21/17: Cannabis Industry Expert Talks Cultivation Licenses In Canada And Maturation Of Capital Markets

Entrepreneur, 2/14/17: Cannabis Stock Index Grew 236% in 2016

Benzinga, 2/9/17: Recent Cannabis Industry Deals Reveal Interesting Trends: Canadian Market Maturing Faster Than U.S.

Axial Forum, 2/7/17: 5 Predictions for Cannabis Investing in 2017

Benzinga, 2/2/17: Marijuana Industry Deals In 2017: The Most Relevant Transactions In The Cannabis Space

Benzinga, 1/31/17: Marijuana Stocks Having a Great 2017: Expert Explains What’s Going on Sector by Sector, Week by Week

Benzinga, 1/24/17: When Will Canada Legalize Weed? Experts Weigh In

Benzinga, 1/23/17: Consolidation in the Cannabis Industry: OrganiGram, Kalytera, Aphria, and More

Benzinga, 1/18/17: Cannabis Industry’s $1.2 Billion in Investments: Viridian Looks Back on 2016’s Marijuana Deals, M&A

Entrepreneur, 1/5/17: Cannabis Industry Raised $1 Billion in 2016

Benzinga, 12/28/16: Viridian’s President: If Federally Legal, The U.S. Cannabis Market Could Surpass $100 Billion Per Year

Forbes, 12/21/16: Marijuana Industry Raises Over $1 Billion In 2016

Benzinga, 12/18/16: Marijuana Industry: Viridian’s President Explains Why He’s Concerned About The Vape Sector

Benzinga, 12/15/16: Viridian Shares A Look At Its Cannabis Stock Index And Potential Marijuana ETF

Benzinga, 12/14/16: Viridian’s President On Cannabis-Related Opportunities: AgTech And BioTech Offer Value To Investors

Bloomberg, 12/12/16: Want to Research Medical Marijuana? Israel Is Open for Business

Mattermark, 12/6/16: Pot Startups Tap Public Markets For Hundreds Of Millions

USA Today, 11/4/16: Legal pot is still a tough deal for investors

CNBC, 10/21/16: The next big billion-dollar cannabis markets investors are rushing to

Crain’s Silicon Valley, 10/20/16: High finance: Tech firms, investors budding up to cannabis

The Cannabist, 9/22/16: How one of America’s most visible Fortune 1000 giants quietly snuck into the cannabis industry

CannaInvestor Magazine, 9/20/16: September/October 2016 Issue

LA Weekly, 9/16/16: Cannabis Companies Are Attracting Marijuana Investors With a Lot of Green

Cannabis News Florida, 8/1/16: Looking Forward – The Professionalization of the Cannabis Industry

Florida Politics, 6/6/16: Florida to hold 1st cannabis investment conference in Fort Lauderdale Wednesday

South Florida Times, 5/26/16: Cannabis Investing Conference Coming to Ft. Lauderdale

Axial Forum, 5/19/16: Going Legal: Opportunities and Challenges in the Cannabis Industry

York Dispatch, 5/2/16: Cautious optimism preached at Philly cannabis conference

Metro, 4/29/16: Philly prepares to embark on first-ever cannabis conference

Black Enterprise, 4/20/16: Cannabis Investment Banker Talks 420 and Money

Black Enterprise, 3/23/16: The Green Rush: How To Make “Weed Money” Legally

U.S. News & World Report, 3/17/16: How to Invest in Marijuana Legalization

Jewish Business News, 3/9/2016: Investors Are High on Israel’s Role In The Cannabis Market

VICE Motherboard, 3/4/16: Marijuana Men

Private Wealth, 2/19/16: Family Offices Fuel Marijuana Growth

Black Enterprise, 2/12/16: The Cannabis Market: The “411” on 420 For Investors and Entrepreneurs

Reuters, 1/14/16: Wall Street investors see budding opportunity in U.S. cannabis

MSN Money, 8/13/15: The bank of weed is open for business

High Times, 7/28/15: High Growth Pot Stocks and Sectors to Watch in the 2nd Half of 2015, 6/23/15: The Massive Monetization of Marijuana

TheStreet, 6/16/15: Considering Cannabis for Your Portfolio? Viridian Capital Has Some Advice

Barrons, 6/9/15: ‘Alternative’ Investments: Marijuana and Climate Change

Fortune, 6/8/15: Investors finally seeing marijuana’s high market potential

CNBC, 4/22/15:  Green rush to marijuana stocks has led to penny stock scams

CNN Money, 4/17/15: Here’s the only pot stock worth owning

Bloomberg, 4/16/15: Lawn-Care Giant Targets a New Weed as Pot Industry Grows

VICE, 3/3/15: D.C. Cashes in on the New Weed Industry

Forbes, 2/26/15:  No Green Thumb? Your 7 Best Legal Cannabis Startup Opportunities

Marijuana Business Daily, 2/18/15:  Cannabis investment trends and funding advice: Q&A with Viridian Capital’s Scott Greiper

Main Street, 1/27/15: The Ethics of Investing In Pot – Can It Be A Moral Investment?

Main Street, 1/26/15: Pot Companies Among Biotechnology Stocks to Watch in 2015

Main Street, 1/14/15: Real Estate Investors Evaluate the Lay of the Legal Pot Land for Possible REIT Launch in 2015

Main Street, 1/12/15: Investors Continue To Flock To Cannabis Companies In Green New Year

Main Street, 1/7/15: One Year Review! A Closer Look Back at the Milestones of Legal Recreational Marijuana

Forbes, 11/14/14:  Meet The 8 Hottest Publicly Traded Marijuana Companies

Main Street, 11/10/14: Why Republican Politicians Support Marijuana Reform So Strongly

Main Street, 11/6/14: $50 Billion in Pot Sold Annually Nationwide, Only $2.5 Billion Is Legaly

Institutional Investor, 8/24/14: Legal Marijuana Financing Straddles Green Rush and Dot-Bong Bubble